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Christmas Commissions

Monday, December 29th, 2008

The months leading up to Christmas are always busy with commission orders. This season was no different. Commissions this year spread from the Blue Mountains to Winnipeg in Canada!

unLimited Illustration Exhibition

Monday, May 14th, 2007



I’ve kinda, sorta fallen behind with my monthly news updates here lately, but I have a good excuse… I’ve been preoccupied creating new paintings for the {un}Limited Illustration exhibition which opened in New Hampshire, USA last week. I have 13 works in the show, alongside Penelope Dullaghan, Lisa Congdon, Ashley Goldberg and fellow Australian Lisa Kirkpatrick.

My paintings are watercolour on paper and for the exhibition they all revolve around various ideas of connection. However, this new body of work also brought out a new technique for me; utilizing concertina cut paper-doll idea. I used to love making these as a kid, and just discovered I still do!



I’m now embarking on a couple of commissions, also from America. One I’ve just finished is for a lady who ordered a painting for her friends as a wedding gift. It’s a really sweet idea as she asked for the painting to be an impression of the day her friends became engaged, and it includes their dog and two cats.

The next painting I’ll be working on is for a baby girl’s nursery. Her mother has asked me to illustrate a song they sing to her each day: Gold Days by Sparklehorse. The lyrics are so visual, I just love them and can’t wait to start the painting.

I really enjoy commissions, so keep me in mind next time you’re searching for a unique gift.  😉

Deck Design :

Also last month, in the workshops of Lewisham, one of my paintings was converted into a skate deck design. So keep your eyes peeled for the “tilda” board rippin’ it up at your local half-pipe. Roawww.