7.30 Report

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

If you were to ask, I’d tell you that one of my greatest fears is being on TV in the background of one of those tabloid news stories. You know the ones where all you see is a slow-motion close-up of a cellulitey bum walking away. Or worse, a zoomed in slow-mo shot of someone eating a hamburger, beetroot and sauce oozing out the side.

So I broke into a little sweat when a friend left a message on our answering machine the other night saying he’d seen me on TV. It was a news program, but a reputable one, and I was in the background, but thankfully not doing anything embarrassing.

The story, on the 7.30 Report, was about the success of Frankie Magazine, with lots of footage of the Finders Keepers Market. So my 3 seconds of fame was proudly riding on the coat-tails of Frankie Mag. And what a fine coat it is!

You can watch it here for the next few days on the 7:30 Report, from Tuesday 8th June (fast forward to just before the 25th minute).