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Personal Commissions

Monday, December 31st, 2007


I spent December working on another commission. The briefs I’ve been getting for commissions have been amazing, and each time I feel lucky to be entrusted with something so personal and satisfying. It’s great getting feedback too, so nice to hear how the work was received and where it’s going to be living from now on.

There’s a new commissions section in the Gallery area of this site, each one with a testimonial from it’s new owner. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in having a commission made of your very own.

MixTape Zine

Friday, November 30th, 2007


November saw the release of issue 2 of the Mix Tape zine. It’s a great publication created in Melbourne, which focuses on making time for the small things. It has an environmentally green slant and supports a more crafty, hands-on approach to life.

Issue 2 includes one of my paper-cut illustrations, along with an article I wrote about developing friendships on the other side of the globe with people who share a similar mindset. And how by doing so you can learn a lot about how your town measures up on the “greenness” scale, and can pick up tips to improve.

New Home

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007


October has been a month of newness, getting acquainted with my new home and new surrounds on the mid-north coast of NSW. It’s warm, sunny, and filled with birdsong and sea breeze.


Now the dust has settled, my etsy store has been restocked! This time it’s mostly filled with limited edition prints of my illustrations. Keep an eye on the store during this next week, as there’ll be new prints added.

A new batch of prints are now also on their way to My Messy Room, in Summer Hill.

Plus Artstream Studios in NH, USA, is now selling my handmade handbags, as well as some of my original paintings.

Now it’s back to Spring and preparing to battle whatever it is that’s been munching it’s way through my herb garden. On guard!

Illustrated Website

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

img_eggyA few months ago I created a whole bunch of very sketchy illustrations for a website. The Merryn Hughes event management site has only recently been launched, so now I can share it with you!

Designed by the ever talented James Norton,
Built by the unstoppable Adam Hinshaw,
And illustrated by me… what a team! heh-heh (no, seriously, it was such an interesting project to be involved in).

For added viewing pleasure, a red-hot-insiders-tip is to use your arrow keys for a bit of a play once you get there. Also try your page-up and page-down keys if you’ve always wanted to fly.

Band Branding

Monday, September 24th, 2007


Earlier in the year I created some custom-designed branding and marketing images for my Meerkat mates. Day of the Meerkat is a band, you see. And as all good bands do, they needed some graphics for stickers, posters, t-shirts, stencils, demo covers, etc. We came up with some great concepts, so now if you see these critters around the inner suburbs of Sydney, you’ll be in the know.

img_meerkatphotoThen, a couple of months ago, on a cold, cold Winter’s night, we all got together once again and remodelled a dingy old back-alley into an inviting, snug, bedroom setting, for a once in a blue-moon photoshoot.

The photo’s I took are now starting to appear in Drum Media promoting their gigs and recent EP release. So keep your eye’s and ears peeled for a sighting.

To check out their music, or to find out when and where you can catch Day of the Meerkat play, check out their My Space

My Messy Room

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

My Messy Room (an amazing new children’s store) is now selling signed, limited edition, framed prints of my illustrations. They are fine art giclee prints, printed with pigment inks, which means they are guaranteed to be archival for a long, long time. The prints themselves look amazing. When I look at them close up next to the originals I can barely tell the difference.


The shop is quite new, and is the type of place you dream about owning. It has the coolest vintage style wallpaper, and she had filled the shelves with amazing items from all over the world (some of it she buys straight from Etsy!). Clothing, decor, books, softies… unique, quirky, well made things. It’s really a most unique store. And she plays good music too.

If you’re in the area, stop by and check it out. It’s well worth a look.
My Messy Room
111a Smith St, Summer Hill, Sydney

A couple of the prints have sold already, so if you’re interested in any you see here, but can’t find them in the shop, then go ahead and ask her to order one in for you… hint hint. ;D

Catalogue Design

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

The last few months have flown by in a blur of busy-ness. All of the work I was doing during that time is finally starting to see the light of day, so now’s the time for some show and tell!


Jonathan Walker is currently showing an exhibition of his photography. The exhibition is titled “Let Us Burn The Gondolas; Venice as a modern city”. There are over 40 of his photographs on show, along with a self published catalogue (which I designed), that provides insight into each image and the overall body of work.
I also designed the invitations.

The exhibition is at:
Somedays Gallery
72b Fitzroy St, Surry Hills, Sydney

It’s showing until 28th August 07.

ACEO’s for Swap

Monday, June 4th, 2007

A few tiny portraits.