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A Commission to Celebrate

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Commission for Mel, Brenden and Harper

In 17 more sleeps this fine looking pair will be getting married! They wanted a casual family portrait to have on display at their wedding; a rustic, country, vintage wedding.

Along with their beautiful little girl and their beloved dog, I placed them on the creek which runs through their wedding venue, set the backdrop to the one they will see from their wedding location, and wrapped them in a vintage doily, (like the ones they plan to have there).

Wishing them the most splendid day, and magical life beyond!

Lalaland 2013 Calendar

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

flossy-p's Giant Wombat, is the June picture in the 2013 Calendar

Every year I spend hours and hours online, searching high and low for just the right calendar. I’m lost without one, but I’m very very fussy about them, I mean you’re going to be looking at it for a whole year!

For me it’s not just about the pictures, though that does play a big part, the layout, the size of the squares, the size of it overall… I won’t bore you with the rest of my scrupulous list, as it goes on and on. The secret is out.

Anyway, Lalaland have put together a 2013 calendar featuring lots of great illustrations. And upon first look it seems to tick all of my boxes. Good job Lalaland! I’m proud to be included.

You can buy it online for just shy of $20 right here!

Birth of a Pixie

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Wombats Need Help

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Last night something really touching happened – My Giant Wombat made an appearance on the 7.30 Report!

Hanging on the wall (alongside loads of wombat photos), behind Brigitte Stevens, Director of the Wombat Awareness Organisation. See…

Brigitte Stevens, Wombat Awareness Org

The report was about how despite vegetation being so lush at the moment, Southern wombats are dying of starvation! The problem is that onion weed has taken over the plains, leaving no grass for the wombats to eat. In desperation some are eating the weed and suffering liver failure as a result. It’s awful!

While Brigitte Stevens and other amazing people are providing food drops, and nursing sick wombats back to health, the problem is not solved that easily.

Wombat Awareness Org

I must say I was mighty touched that someone so wonderful and inspiring had my art on her wall, and I feel so pleased it found its way to her.

At that moment My Giant Wombat artwork took on a whole new meaning for me, as though suddenly I realised it was about her all along.

Wombat Kiss

Help the wombats via the Wombat Awareness Organisation, here.

And watch the 7.30 Report story here.

Interviews x 2

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Art By Wiley

Today I am lucky enough to be featured in the “interviews” section of Jodi’s Art by Wiley site!

Why am I so excited by this? Well, for one Jodi is an amazing artist herself (I would JUMP on the opportunity to do an art swap with her if the opportunity ever arose), and secondly I’ve been a fan of her interviews for a while. She has interviewed some of my favourite illustrators and crafters, and I’ve gained new favourites from there too.

Here’s a snippet of my interview:

“Nature is the biggest inspiration for me. I find it oddly alien, and that fascinates me! It’s such great irony that the very stuff that makes up this planet can still seem so freakish and unreal. Show me one of those BBC nature documentaries and I’m all astonishment… take me into the backyard and hand me a teensy seedpod and I’m just as enamoured, sit me in front of a hyper-coloured sunset and well…you can imagine, I pretty much turn into the “double rainbow” guy.”

For the rest click here!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Balancing the Tide

Last month I was also interviewed by Molly from Balancing the Tide.

Molly and I have “known” each other online for quite some time, she is a writer, poet, exquisite photographer, and she owns quite a few pieces of my art. Since we first encountered one another we’ve since both had our first babies. Now she runs “Balancing the Tide“, a site dedicated to interviewing artistic mums, asking how their creative lives have changed since having children. “A LOT” is of course the answer… at least it is in my case.

Here’s a snippet:

“My art-making used to occupy half of the studio we have out the back of our house, but as I tried to squeeze small moments of art into the calm moments of each day, I moved my computer inside onto the kitchen table. This made a big difference, I could be a mum, and answer an email on the way to change a nappy.”

For the rest click here!

Many thanks to both Jodie and Molly.xx.

Happy Customer

Friday, July 27th, 2012

A happy customer sent me the BEST photo! It’s a portrait of Ekko, her Eastern Rosella, posing next to one of my mini-prints, (which itself features an Eastern Rosella). So cute!

Seduced by Facebook

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Last month I woke one day to find my online Etsy shop had almost sold out, and had miles of messages from people asking for more. After some silent astonishment, then gasps of excitement, I went off hunting, trying to discover where all this sudden attention had come from…

Etsy had featured my wombat pillowcases on their facebook page!!!

And then not long after, on their homepage!!!

My “online-seller” hopes and dreams had finally come true. I had a very busy month.

Now that things are slowing back down again, I have been seduced by the attention and have set up my own facebook page. A little late to the party I know, but still I’m here:

flossy-p on facebook

Please come visit 🙂

A Broken Hill Wedding

Friday, June 29th, 2012

One of the things I love most about doing personal commissions is getting the feedback at the end. It’s always a nervous wait for me, not knowing if they will like it or not.

When I love something I gush, leaving no uncertainty as to how I feel. There it is people, I’m a gusher. So when I come across others who gush it MAKES MY DAY!

Now, rewind to the beginning of the story…

Recently I was asked by a kind young lady to paint a commission as a gift for her very dear friends. It was to be a scene of their recent wedding at Broken Hill, and was to include animals they identify with, their pets, and something to represent the future of their happy marriage.

Inspired by the arid setting and all the details, I set to work…

And soon I was done!

She was thrilled with the outcome. Then she gave it to her friends and they loved it too. So this time I got two sets of feedback! THEN, they posted a pic of it on their Facebook, so it got even more nice feedback!!! All gushing with such kind words, my days were made for MONTHS! 🙂

Endless thank-you’s to Megan, Regan and Chris.