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Painted Faces

Friday, April 25th, 2008


My heart was stolen in April, by the vividly painted faces of the tribes people in Papua New Guinea, and although I have never travelled there, these folk have taken me to another place as my studio fills with brightly patterned faces.

The commission I mentioned last month has arrived to its patron, and has been given to her best friend as a gift. Now both recipients have seen the painting I can show it without spoiling the surprise. It was a gift from one to another, to mark the pregnancy of her first child. Molly sent me the most beautiful email of thanks explaining her interpretation of all of the elements, and also sent me a photo of the work after she had it framed. It’s so great to get feedback.
See the finished piece in the Gallery section of this site.

img_rosa_byflossy-pA couple of weeks ago I met up with some locals to help paint a series of murals for the upcoming annual fair of this little community. The paintings, that feature flora and fauna native to this area, will be displayed around the streets on the weekend of the fair at the end of May. It was a cool way of meeting some of the locals in my new town, not to mention learn about the native wildlife that I’m now surrounded by.

Also in April I contributed an acrylic painting to a local art exhibition. It’s not my usual style or technique, but it’s good to challenge the rustiness sometimes, and to break the “golden rule” of art teaching to never use outlines. Here’s a little bit of it…

Commission in Progress

Sunday, March 30th, 2008


This is a tiny little bit of a commissioned painting that I have been working on during March. I can’t show you the whole piece yet as I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the new owner. But next week this illustration is off to live in Minnesota.

During March I have also been working on a couple of paintings on canvas for a few local art shows. So lots of work, but nothing ready to show yet. Next month’s entry will be a biggen’. Hold tight.

Valentine Hearts

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008


What happens when you mix a handful of charity, a couple of tigers, and a pinch of Valentines day?
You get February!

img_mirabelheratsFor the second year in a row the Lovely Hearts exhibition was on in America, raising funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. TigerHug was my contribution this year. Unfortunately the Winter snow was so heavy in New Hampshire that the opening night had to be called off, so sales were down compared to last year but hopefully as the weather brightens up there’ll be more visitors and some healthy funds raised.

Another fun charity event that centred around Valentines Day was the “I Heart Mirabel” show held at Meet Me At Mikes in Fitzroy, Melbourne. I made a small bunch of retro jungle hearts that was displayed in their front window among loads of others. Each donated heart will be for sale from the 8th March for $10, and all profits will go towards the Mirabel Foundation (children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to parental drug use).

I also finished a tiger in a tea cup for a commissioned illustration for two little boys who, I’m told, love animals. I hope they like tigers. (To view visit the Gallery section of this site).

Site Redesign

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

img_newsitebirdI am so hapy to be seeing the back of that pesky bird and her constant promise of a “new site”.

January is not just the bringer of a new year and a new calendar, this year it brings a new look for this wee site too! There’s all sorts of updated doo-daas; nothing too different, just a little bit more, done a bit better, a bit clearer, and a touch more fancy too.

Go ahead take a browse, let me know if I can help with anything. Enjoy 🙂